Bleachable Fancy Tallow

Ingredients: Primarily fat tissue from beef.  May also contain small amounts of fat from pork, poultry and goats.

Product Use
Moisture Max. 1 %

Primarily used by the soap and lubricants industries.  Also used in animal feeds as it improves the product's organoleptic properties, serves as an energy source and is a vehicle for fat-soluble vitamins. In pet foods, it is used as covering film as a digest base.

Insoluble Impurities Max. 1 %
Saponification Index Min. 190,0 mg KOH/g

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

Peroxide Value Max. 10,0 meq O2/Kg Tankers equipped with clean, airtight tanks.
Color Max. Red 9
Free Fatty Acid Max. 5 %
F11 PCRAC03 Date: 06/26/03