Hydrolyzed Feather Meal

Ingredients: Poultry feather from poultry processors.

Product Use

< 1 % retained in sifter N° 7

Used primarily as a protein source in feeds for a variety of cattle and poultry. Rich in cysteine (a sulfur-rich essential amino acid), it provides needed sulfur to chicks. Reduces the amount of abdominal fat without adversely affecting growth or conversion efficiency in poultry. It is a good energy source, aids in muscle formation and provides amino acid lysine.

Moisture Max. 9 %
Crude Protein Min. 76 %
Crude Fat Max. 10 %
Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Total Ash Min. 5 %
  • Packaged product: Packaged in knit polypropylene bags, cleaned and sealed.  Bags loaded onto clean vehicles. Clean covers protect load from contamination and moisture.
  • Product loaded in bulk: Vehicle's tank is clean, dry and contaminant-free.
  • Storage: Stored product is kept in a dry, cool environment.

Min. 80 %



F11 PCRAC03 Date: 12/17/04