Quality Control

Over the years, Mini Bruno has developed an organizational culture aimed at innovation, quality and continuous improvement.

Mini Bruno’s Quality System (MBQS) was created and implemented according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards and comprises all of our products’ manufacturing stages.  Additionally, we apply internationally recognized practices recommended for the industry:

  • HACCP (Analysis of Hazards and Critical Control Points)
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Strengths of MBQS:

  • Process control and documentation
  • Participation of multidisciplinary teams
  • Customer service
  • Ongoing personnel training

Through its quality system and its quality control laboratory, Mini Bruno guarantees compliance with strict quality control standards.

Quality Control Laboratory:

Our quality control laboratory’s equipment and highly qualified staff enables the company to achieve:

  • Verification of compliance with product specifications
  • Calibration of measuring equipment used to perform analysis
  • Control of microbiology values
  • Monitoring of process statistics
  • New product design and development

Our products undergo the following tests:

  • Proteins (COVENIN 1195-80 Kjeldahl Method)
  • Moisture (COVENIN 705:1996)
  • Free Fatty Acid (COVENIN 325:1996)
  • Calcium (COVENIN 1158:1982)
  • Insoluble Impurities (COVENIN 509:1996)
  • Digestibility (COVENIN 1316:81)
  • Peroxide Value (COVENIN 508:1997)
  • Saponification Index (COVENIN 323:1998)
  • Total Ash (COVENIN 1155:79)
  • Crude Fat (COVENIN 1162:79)
  • Salmonella (NEOGENE: Gene Trak, among others)